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Camp Day Gone Wrong – 45+ Times Campers Failed So Bad They Laughed

Even though camping is a fun weekend activity, it needs as much forethought, careful planning, and preparation as any vacation would. Unfortunately, many people decide on the fly and take off with their group of friends without prior experience or knowledge about the dos and don’ts of camping.

This is when something epic happens at the campsite that could have easily been avoided, and now it has us laughing our hearts out. From trying to fit a huge air bed into a tent for comfort to forgetting to bring the sticks needed to prop them up, the surprisingly hilarious fails are all listed here for everyone’s amusement. Fair warning, though – a few of these can induce uncontrollable laughter! Don’t blame us; we didn’t make any of these camping errors.

What To Bring, Butter Or Repellant?

Oh Boy! Looking at how similar the bottles seem, it’s quite understandable how the campers grabbed one instead of another. Just the thought of what could have happened if the person hadn’t realized the mistake sooner is sure to rob us of a few nights’ sleep.

Of course, toasting bread with insect repellent is eww – a strict no-no! It is bound to make people double down in pain if consumed, just as how spraying a can of butter over one’s arms could make others clutch their stomachs with laughter. Such is life! We are glad someone caught on quickly and avoided a painful few days at the camp.

Saved The S’mores From An Epic Fall

Part of the fun experience at camping is sitting around the fire roasting marshmallows and gobbling them up fresh off the stick. That’s why the girl in this pic seems to enjoy her s’more sandwiched between her teeth that she literally fell for it.

That’s not completely the case, but we are in awe of how the wonder girl managed to save her snack instead of breaking her fall! She’s proud and happy about it too. A small reminder that the hammock – usually a great camping accessory – was indeed an epic fail! Hopefully, she packs something better that wouldn’t give up on her next time.

Six In A Tent For Two

How do we explain something that makes no sense at all, whatsoever? There are a pair too many legs that don’t belong in a tent meant for two. What exactly could the scenario be here with this bunch of friends? Should we assume a group of them randomly visited their friends at the camping site and decided to stay the night?

All those legs exposed to cold weather don’t bode well for anyone in that massive pile of humans getting a good night’s sleep. It’s impossible even to breathe in there, we presume. So let’s take this photo as a tip to bring extra tents and sleeping bags!

Camping On An Air Bed

Some decisions should never be made, to begin with, like this one in the picture. Fitting an air bed into the tent is the act of someone who doesn’t want to leave comfort behind in the great outdoors. It looks so cramped in there; we’re sure none of them got any sleep inside.

When it’s a toss-up between space and comfort, it’s better to go with the former as the person whose choice it was to bring along a huge bed to sleep on must have soon realized the error of his ways. It makes us curious to know if the campers slept on the deflated mattress the next day.

We Are Fall-In This Together

The camping friends decided to go rafting, but they couldn’t decide who would go first, or they wanted to go together, even if that meant piling onto one raft meant for two. Them tumbling off into the water looks so dangerous! If only they’d gotten on to the raft in pairs instead.

Maybe the raft toppled over to offload the excess weight, but each one of them fell into the water. Let’s count this as a lousy camping decision number one! Thankfully, they are all wearing life vests and are probably safe until someone pulls them up back out of the water in time. What a memorable trip!

Tent Turned Sleeping Bag

She tried, let’s give her that! Setting up a tent is a mammoth task for one, but with a few hands on deck, it’s a simple and fun activity. Sadly, the girl here seems to have put her heart and soul into propping it up on her own but ended up losing spirit when it kept caving in.

One of those times, she gave up and willingly surrendered, slipping under it to get some much-needed rest. Then, hopefully, she’d spring right back up to try again or smartly seek help from the neighborhood campers, who all seem to have set theirs up just fine.

Beginning Of The End

Camping hasn’t begun yet, and the girl in the pic looks already beat from the sheer exertion of getting to the site in one piece. She must be bone-tired to sleep so unabashedly on a bench without bothering about the onlookers. While they already had their tents up, she decided the table was perfectly fine.

Or perhaps she’s dozed off while waiting for her camping mate to show up and begin the next task together. Whatever the case may be, the girl looks like she’s getting all the rest she needs. We sure hope she’s got company because a solo trip somehow seems like it wouldn’t bode well for her.

Camping Off The Ground

These boys seem like they’re quite literally blown away by camping. Pitching a tent is a job for two, but from the looks of it, they need an extra hand or three to stop it from taking off into the air with the boys attached to either end.

It doesn’t matter. This may come under an epic fail moment in the history of camping, but it looks like the boys are having fun trying to make the runaway tent behave. It’s one for the books – a funny story that’ll be told and retold to children on their camping trips while roasting marshmallows.

So That’s Where The Phone Was

Camping can be a lot of fun and adventurous, and it’s possible to enjoy it to the max if specific preparations and precautions are in place. Unfortunately, this mobile phone followed neither. Without a protective waterproof cover, it wasn’t saved from getting damped.

Weather can be unpredictable in camps, and it’s up to us to come prepared. Moreover, the very idea of camping is to spend quality time with nature, and bringing technology along for the ride just doesn’t cut it. Even if one has to, it’s better to leave it anywhere but out in the open, where there’s always a chance of rain pouring down on it.

An Unforgettable Trip

Saving up for years to buy an RV, re-vamping its interiors, living life on the go, that’s the dream! Let’s admit it, many of us have fantasized about going on such nomadic adventures without caring about anything but the road.

This group, too, seems to have started with the hopes of going on an unforgettable trip, and it was, just not in the way they had expected. Their inexperience with driving a heavy vehicle drove them into this unfortunate situation. By the looks of their faces, we can only hope they had it insured!


We have all had the misfortune of feeling like a third wheel at some point in our lives. However, imagine feeling like that due to a two-wheeler! We understand it’s not good for a bike to be left out, especially in the rain, but this is extreme.

The guy in this picture prioritizes his bike over his girlfriend, and we agree that it is not a gentlemanly thing to do. No girl ever deserves to be left out in the cold to fend for herself while her boyfriend cuddles in the tent with his bike. A break-up is imminent once this camping trip is over, no doubt about it.

A Free Mud Spa

When going out camping, people would have expected to unwind in the wild gently, have some quiet time, and recharge their bodies and souls. What they would surely not have expected was an unwanted and unexpected mud bath courtesy of a car.

Those poor campers must have had a very rude awakening that morning. We don’t know who thought it would be a good idea to test their vehicle’s horsepower in wet mud, but their shenanigans led to this epic mess. We hope that the wrongdoers at least cleaned up after themselves.

A Wild Night

A group of youngsters embraced the idea that they only lived once, so they chose to hit one too many bars. Once the bar owners realized that they had had enough and sent them on their way, this group decided that the night was too young to head home.

From the looks of this picture, they tried to set up camp somewhere out in the open, but their drunken attempts to raise a tent failed miserably. This girl, in particular, had a very hard time trying to set up, then gave up and slumped in the collapsed tent to sleep away the stupor. Now that’s a wild scene.

One-Star Accommodation

Every bit of nylon fabric that is visible in this picture belongs to the same tent. Hard as it may be to believe, this is one of those fantastical-looking tents advertised on social media where they claim to fit five people comfortably.

To the dismay of the occupants, they realized in hindsight that the larger the tent, the harder it is to assemble. We see the results of their failed attempts in the picture. They are probably sitting defeated in front of this tent that is ready to fall apart at any moment, planning how to sue the company for false advertising.

Treehouse Trouble

It’s every kid’s dream to have a treehouse in the backyard where they can hang around and goof off without their parents’ watchful eyes. This group of campers seemed to be keen on reliving their childhood fantasies by camping up in the trees.

At a glance, the whole tent seems upside down, with the roof of the structure pointing to the ground, so we’re not really sure if this was done intentionally or if their tent was blown up by the wind and was tangled in the branches. Either way, we hope they’re safe and having a blast!

Flying In The Wind

Speaking of tents being blown away by the wind, here is another photo of a tent doing the somersaults. Windy weather can be a huge nuisance when camping. Not only does it interfere with setting up our tents, but it also makes it harder to start a necessary campfire.

Maybe these campers weren’t able to properly secure their tent to the ground using the stakes provided for this exact purpose. Good thing there weren’t any trees or sharp objects around that could have damaged their flying shelter. This is a good lesson for everyone to make sure we set up our tents correctly!

Tattered Tent

Damages to our camping tents can be inevitable, especially if we regularly bring them along to enjoy a night in woody and forested areas. Things like sharp rocks or branches could easily puncture the tent’s thin material, making them more prone to further tearing.

Although we would totally understand seeing a hole or two in a collapsible tent, we’re not exactly sure what to make of this photo. We wonder what kind of damage that poor tent has gone through to be in such a state. On the bright side, there still seems to be enough space for one person to sit inside, but that’s pretty much it.

Oversized Sleeping Bag

A camping trip (or any outing, for that matter) won’t be complete without someone forgetting to bring something important that was assigned to them. More often than not, though, we’re able to just live with it or manage by improvising with other items.

What if the thing that was forgotten was an essential part of our tent? Now that would be a totally different story. This camper, who did exactly that, essentially made his tent nothing more than an oversized sleeping bag. We’re assuming the person who forgot to bring the tent pegs had an earful from the other campers before dozing off.

A/C Necessity

Some of us just can’t live without air conditioning, especially in the brutally hot summers. This group of campers, who seem to feel the same way, didn’t want to be left out when their other friends were going camping, so they were able to come up with the next great thing!

We have to give them props for how they managed to connect the air conditioning unit to their tent. Although they had to make a hole for the air to go in, it’s nothing a few rolls of tape won’t fix. Now that’s another camping necessity we need to add to the list!

Cooler Than Us

We all know that one of the most important things to bring on a camping trip is a cooler full of drinks. After all, what better way to spend our nights in nature than to sit around a campfire, eating fire-grilled snacks and drinking ice-cold beverages?

This man seemed to love his cooler so much that he decided to sleep on it to keep it safe from thieves and scavenging animals. Although we don’t think it makes a comfortable bed, we have to respect his devotion and determination to protect their drinks!

Going Up In Flames

One of the hallmarks of a good camping trip is, of course, the blazing campfire. This is where all the stories are told and where the s’mores and sausages are cooked, after all. That’s why it’s important that someone in the group knows how to start and maintain a good campfire.

With that in mind, however, fire is a very dangerous element that is not to be played around with. It can easily get big and unmanageable, like what seemed to happen in this photo. After this scare, we hope everyone keeps a better eye on their campfire next time!

Camping Architecture

Setting up a tent is a pretty straightforward affair. Instructions for assembly are almost always provided, and once we learn how to do it, it eventually gets easier with practice. This group of campers, however, seemed to find the traditional way of setting up tents to be too dull for them.

Maybe they’ve been to numerous camping trips already and wanted to spice things up with their shelters, or perhaps they’re architecture students trying to create a brand new look for our boring old tents. Either way, the design they came up with is certainly unique!

Small Fish In A Big Lake

One of the joys of camping is the opportunity to go fishing whenever we want. It takes quite a bit of skill and know-how to catch some big fish properly, so we’re totally fine with the small fry we usually get.

When it comes to small catches, however, this guy certainly takes the cake. We’re sure he was hoping for something a little bigger than this fish he had caught, which was even smaller than the tackle he had used. Oh well, as they say, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea, in this case, lake!

See, No Zippers

Tents come in all shapes and sizes, and nowadays, there are even numerous colors and designs to choose from. With that in mind, one thing they all have in common is a zipper for the openings, which is important to keep the bugs and animals away from us at night.

This woman’s tent, unfortunately, seems to be missing the vital fastener. So they’ll have to adjust for this, but what’s admirable is that instead of feeling angry or frustrated, she looks happy and even gave the camera a big smile. Now that’s what we call a happy camper!

No Rules In The Wild

Some people do not care for rules. When they put their minds to something, they do it regardless of what the authorities say. Since most campers are adrenaline junkies, maybe the excitement of living it up in the wild does get in the way of reading and understanding signs.

There is a clear prohibition on camping on this site but, these guys decided to turn a blind eye to it. A group even used the pole to hold up their tent! It’s possible that the mark was put there because the area is not safe, so we hope there were no bears nearby.

Nothing To See Here

There are so many things that can happen on a camping trip that can ruin one’s holiday. Some people panic and take action, but some keep a straight face despite what is happening. It could be that those people are so used to things going wrong that it doesn’t phase them anymore.

This guy set out to go camping to get away from the chaos that is life. Little did he know that things wouldn’t go as planned as his tent caught fire and all his belongings got burned. From the way he’s so relaxed, one would swear nothing happened. He has the level of calm we all need!

Floating Tent

People plan for weeks before going camping. They pick out the perfect camping spot that will allow them to go hiking, be one with nature, and in some cases, where they can also go fishing. The problem is that no amount of planning can ensure a perfect night in the woods.

Chances are, the weather switched up on these campers, or the tides turned on them. Thankfully, their tent is still in good condition. We can’t say the same for the people, though, since we’re not sure they had a relaxing sleep. Well, as they say, welcome to the great outdoors!

Bad Luck Hammock

Camping is the perfect activity for families or friends to bond or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Without proper planning, though, campers can make a lot of mistakes. Sometimes, errors are so obvious that we don’t know how the happy travelers didn’t pick up on them.

This poor camper made a big mistake with this hammock. It’s either he used the wrong material, or he didn’t tighten it enough. It could also be that he’s a first-time camper, and this served as a lesson for him. So just a tip, be smart and invest in high-quality gear before going exploring.

Sleeping In Slopes

A drawback to going out in the woods is that things will go wrong, and the unexpected will happen. It’s not always bad when things go south, as they could make for a great campfire story and serves as a lesson learned.

These campers, hopefully, learned their lesson and ended this trip with lots of laughs. It’s not every day that we see a tent slanted at an angle instead of being on a flat surface. Perhaps the quirky camper preferred to sleep this way, thinking it could be good for the back. Who knows? We’ll never find out unless we try it ourselves, but better not!

That’s Not How It’s Done

People say that the first time we ever attempt to do something is the worst that we’re ever going to be at it. The same can be said for first-time campers. They can easily make mistakes, especially if the whole squad has never gone camping.

These guys decided that they’ll brave the wild and go camping without any guidance. They pitched their tent up on their own, and honestly, it shows how much experience they have. Too bad there wasn’t a manual or at least an internet connection for them to search for instructions. Still, we applaud them for trying. They’ll get it right next time!

Mother Nature Gets Moody Too

We all want to be one with mother nature, and camping is a great way to do so. Drive to a quiet place, pitch our tent, and snuggle down with our loved ones to watch the sunset while sipping a cold beverage and eating chips. It all sounds great until the weather decides not to cooperate!

These guys probably went camping expecting to have a wonderful experience. Sadly, there is no telling what mother nature has in mind because the rain ruined their plans. They weren’t deterred, though, and instead of leaving, they waited and creatively dried their belongings. Now that’s resilience!

Not Bugged Out

Sometimes Netflix and chilling just don’t cut it anymore. Plus, cell phones and social media can get boring and stressful quickly. An easy way to get away from it all is to spend a night or two at a local campsite, at the mercy of mother nature and maybe a couple of bugs.

This man had small visitors that arrived without warning and an invitation. Rather than becoming enraged, he chose to accept his fate and snapped a picture with them to establish control, proving there was no way they could ruin his night. After all, it’s nothing that a few sprays of a repellent can’t handle.

Settling For Lower Standards

We have all made a mistake or two when we went camping. It could be on how we put up the tent, making the s’mores, or setting up a cozy hammock, but in any case, being in the great outdoors requires us to be quick and adaptable.

This guy still gets an A for effort. Although his hammock didn’t reach the standard height, he did well enough for him to be able to lie on it. After all, that is the whole purpose of bringing it along! He must be relieved that he can get a much-needed rest after fighting a losing battle with the hammock.

Siri, Look Up ‘How To Start A Fire’

Going camping can never be a bad idea, but sometimes it is more effort than it’s worth. With all of the gear and the demands of the outdoors, more things go wrong than right. Some people also discover that they may not have the right skills to survive the wild.

Making a campfire is one essential skill when camping, and those who are experts would know that this is not the choice way to do it! We want bonfires that will last the entire night, not short-lived ones. Better to learn about this first before heading out to avoid having a bad camping experience.

Friendly Reminder

It’s always imperative to have a reminder to close up those holes in one’s tents that can come from wear and tear. After all, the sounds of mosquitoes or bugs can ruin a good night’s sleep, and no one wants the pain of being dinner of those little night creatures.

Anyway, we have to say kudos to whoever placed the note on the tent! The owner has to patch it up or be ready to endure the orchestra of the mosquitoes and little critters that will sing lullabies as they sleep. That’s definitely not what we meant by being one with nature.

A Soaked Surprise

Having a wet tissue roll is never a good thing; it can ruin one’s day or night and is definitely not something anyone would want on their camping trip. Yes, water can be a wonderful thing, but it’s not something we would like on toiletries.

If this happens, one would be forced to improvise with a bottle of water or a nearby river, but wait! A river isn’t close, and there is no other alternative, the trip is ruined, and all there is to make it all better is a wet piece of tissue. We can’t even wipe our tears with it!

Mobile Home

It is advised to carry essentials when going camping, but when every belonging is deemed essential, it becomes a problem. So, the car has to bear the brunt of all the so-called necessities, and everyone wonders if the driver has started a moving company or decided to leave the urban life and move to the forest.

Although, at a second glance, maybe this is the work of several campers who cannot afford an RV and decided to improvise. Whatever the reason was, we want to wish them a happy year of camping or a decade by the looks of it.

Tent For One Head

Who says small tents do not matter? Definitely not this guy because he seems to be taking a well-deserved nap after a day of running mini-errands in his tiny car and small house. Nonetheless, this tent is a very budget-friendly attempt at camping, especially if the camper is not very big in size.

We have many questions about the practicality of this tent and why the guy in the first case thought it was a good idea to stick his head there. Whatever the case may be, we hope he had a good nap, however short it was.

The Misadventures Of Popcorn

The idea of trying new things is terrific, like hiking on some mountain, trying fresh foods, or making popcorn in the great wilderness. This woman attempted making popcorn as the ancestors did with the open fire like an absolute boss and failed nicely.

As we can all see from the charred remains, it was less than a successful plan, or maybe that was what she was going for – burnt popcorn with a side of nature. We hope the movie that prompted the need for this epic fail was still worth it without the snack.

The Cons Of The Outdoors

Camping is one great way to interact with nature. Staying away from the comfortable city life to live in the wild and forage for food can be quite an adventure until we realize that nature isn’t always interested in making us comfortable.

The trick to successfully living out in the open is to know what to avoid and what not to avoid. Unfortunately, this camper didn’t realize she had walked through a bunch of poison oaks until it was too late. She needed to get some firewood but got firey itchy skin instead. We believe this is nature’s way of saying, “proceed with caution.”

Battery Fail

Thankfully, technology has made our lives so much easier, even when we’re deep in the wilderness. With our mobile devices, we don’t have to stay entirely out of touch with the real world. In fact, many still work on their phones and tablets while they’re out camping, but this is only possible when these devices are well charged.

Now, this little group had the car’s USB port to charge their phones. However, they failed to turn on the vehicle while charging and only realized when they were about to leave that all they got from this trip was a dead car battery. It looks like they aren’t moving anytime soon.

When The Bear Spray Attacked

The wild is home to some really nasty creatures, so it’s usually a good idea to have some form of protection while going on a camping trip. So this happy-looking camper was right on track to pick up some bear spray on the way.

Since it’s a bear deterrent spray, it should be used on bears, right? Unfortunately, this man, who was unpacking late in the night after they arrived at the campsite, accidentally sprayed himself with it and ruined his jacket. Oops! Did the wild just play a trick on him? Well, what do we know? Nature does have a sense of humor, after all.

The Swampy Camp

Students usually look forward to camping trips. There are always new friends to make, different sights to see, and new things to encounter in the great outdoors. Of course, no one hopes to experience what it feels like to wake up in a swamp, but surprise!

These classmates had gone on their trip, and when it started raining in the middle of the night, it looked like the perfect opportunity for them to bond. Little did they know what awaited them the following morning, so imagine the shock when they woke up to find themselves right in the middle of a swamped camp. Well, there goes the bonding session.

Tents Are Bear Necessities

All was fine and rosy until the Yogi bear decided to visit the campsite. As we all know, wherever there’s a bear, something dramatic usually happens. It’s simply the law of nature! So what drama did Papa Bear do this time? He took off with the camper’s tent!

What should we say about this? Did the Yogi think it was entitled to the tent since it was on his turf? Or was the tent just too attractive to ignore? Whatever the reason, we’re more concerned about the camper who had to make do without their accommodation!

Tent For Adventures

Now here’s one hilarious camping fail! Overall, the trip had been a successful one. Missus had taken all the essentials and even remembered to bring the tent spikes along. Well, it looked like it was a pretty uneventful camping trip until nature decided to give them a parting gift.

Just as the camper removed the tent spikes, the wind at Red Rock Canyon State Park picked up, and we all know what happened. Seeing that tent soar over the rocky canyon did make an impressive sight, but what’s more incredible was the fact that they had to scale those mean-looking rocks to retrieve it. What an adventure!

Too Big For Comfort

We all know it’s a camping trip, but that doesn’t mean we have to let go of every form of comfort, right? Right! So we try to find the most comfortable camping gear there are and don’t forget the mattress, please. We don’t want body sores and aches as a camping souvenir.

It’s all good to crave maximum comfort, but as a side note, this lady should try to get the right size of air mattress the next time she embarks on a trip. What’s the point of getting an air mattress that can’t even fit into the tent?

Car Parking Mishaps

We can’t help but cringe at this picture. Of course, this wasn’t meant to happen, but sadly it did. So a warning to all campers: Never park next to or beneath a tree. That’s simply a disaster waiting to happen.

We can’t blame the SUV owner, though. Who would have thought that the sturdy-looking tree was going to cause any damage? Life is just full of surprises, and here’s one of them. A branch snapped, landed on the car, and ruined what would have otherwise been a successful camping trip. The tent survived anyway, so maybe we’ll take that as consolation.

Not This Kind Of Camp Fire

What’s a camping trip without a bonfire? So many things happen around the fire, so it’s usually a planned part of almost every trip out to the wilderness. On that note, setting up an excellent campfire takes skill and the right wood and kindling.

Momma and her kids definitely didn’t anticipate this kind of fire – a car fire is a far cry from a campfire. Thankfully, no one was hurt, and the proactive mother could get her kids to safety before the vehicle went up in flames. We hope this doesn’t put a bummer on future camping trips for this family!

Don’t Use Tea Lights

No matter how much of a pretty sight fire makes, it’s still dangerous, and campers are usually advised to be careful around it. This is why camp rules dictate that all fires must be put out before everyone goes to bed or leaves the campground.

One mistake these campers made was believing tealights or any other kind of decorative light wouldn’t be as dangerous. What sort of trouble can these innocent-looking tealights cause, after all. Well, they got their answer when the campground was almost set on fire, and the said tea lights were the culprit. Lessons learned, though: there’s no such thing as harmless fire.