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When The Dogs Are Asleep, Let Them Lie! Animals Snoozing In Hilarious Places Will Make you Laugh Out Loud

Don’t deny it—everyone loves a nap every so often, even though finding the right time and place for a dreamy nap can prove to be a challenge. When it comes to pets, however, in most instances they don’t give a hoot about when and where they doze off. From bedside cabinets to food bowls and bathroom sinks to window ledges, it seems these little sleepy rascals can find a comfortable bed anywhere.

It’s understandable, being super cute and adorable can be a full-time job for a pet, which in turn, can also be pretty taxing right? No wonder these animals are always in the mood for some shuteye. From weird and inappropriate to downright hilarious, here are some instances where pets wound up having a slumber party in the most unusual places.

A Flawless Sense Of Smell

Dogs are known for being man’s best friend because of their impeccable sense of smell and their occasional mischief. Somehow, this picture compiles all of these features into a single, perfect dog snap. Undeniably, this doggo loves the scent of the tile floor.

His snout is completely smashed against the tile, but he looks like he’s ready to sleep until tomorrow. Fortunately, dogs have up to 300 million olfactory receptors in their nose and a brain that’s 40-times better than the human mind at analyzing smells.


Beds of nails have been used as a meditation technique by Indian yogis for hundreds of years. But there’s nothing mystical about a hedgehog sleeping in a bed made out of cactus. To be honest, he couldn’t have picked a better place to get some rest!

Besides looking very cozy in the middle of all those cacti, this wise hedgehog is getting himself some much-needed naptime protection. Predators will never spot him there, and if they do, they will have a hard time trying to get to him.

A Perfect Fit

It’s only natural that a beautiful white cat takes an interest in a beautiful white bathroom sink, especially if he happens to fit inside so seamlessly. At first glance, it’s almost impossible to tell there’s a pet sleeping in the sink.

If it weren’t for the peeping blue eye, no one would be able to say where the cat ends and the sink begins. Let’s just hope his owners are nice people. After all, this purrer will have a big problem if someone decides to open the water tap!

So Otterly Cute!

Everyone who’s ever fallen asleep on the water knows there’s nothing more relaxing than being cradled by the kind motion of the river. With that in mind, it’s hard not to feel envy when looking at this endearing mother-child otter moment.

The best thing about being this baby otter is that there’s no need to get wet to enjoy the gentle balance of the water. Momma has it covered, always! Otters make for very dedicated parents and have families that look a lot like ours, with the father, mother, and siblings sticking together.

With Great Power…

With great power comes great responsibility, and the quote surely applies to the mighty giraffe. Giraffes are naturally gifted with long necks, but they end up paying for it whenever it’s time to take a nap. But how do they do it?

Many people have wondered about how giraffes can fall asleep with their long necks. Well, here’s the answer! This head-twisting sleeping position may help to explain why giraffes tend to sleep just 4.6 hours per day, commonly in cycles of 35 minutes.

A Baby Ferret’s Diary

Books can make for some solid entertainment. But from a baby ferret’s perspective, they look more like a cozy bed than anything else. This endearing ferret was exhausted from all the reading, so he simply collapsed by the time he was halfway.

In a world where the Internet is replacing all forms of printed media, it’s good to know that an old-fashioned book can still be put to good use. This baby ferret found the perfect pillow, and he doesn’t look like he wants to turn the page.

Just Grabbing A Tissue

It’s impossible to tell exactly why, but most cats are deeply passionate about all sorts of boxes. Maybe they feel protected, perhaps they enjoy tight spaces, or it could be that they just find them fun. Either way, all cat owners have witnessed something like this at one point in their lives.

This box of tissues happens to have the ideal size to fit a kitten, and the cute kitty is not shying away from the opportunity of taking a boxy snooze. The poor pet hasn’t even realized half of his body is sticking out!

A Squirrel’s Chill Spot

Heatwaves affect all animals. But this relieved squirrel was lucky enough to find a solution to the intense heat upon stepping into a handy bowl of ice. It was left there by a kind woman worried about all things animal safety during a warm Oklahoma summer afternoon.

It’s hard to tell if this squirrel is actually taking a nap or simply rejoicing on top of an ice cube. One thing’s for sure: he’s not leaving until the temperatures go down for the night! He’s the coolest squirrel in the woods right now.

Life In The Woods

Before humankind started changing the natural landscape of the world, trees made for a lovely bed. Their big, solid branches look perfect enough for this porcupine, who’s enjoying a lazy afternoon in the woods after a busy night of collecting nuts.

Life in the woods can be brutal, especially when you’re a kind, nocturnal herbivore such as the porcupine. But in case a predator is lurking around, the spiky porcupine can always count on the protection of its valuable quills. Now that makes for a relaxing siesta!

Aye Aye, Captain!

In pop culture, parrots tend to show up in pirate movies, usually standing on top of the shoulder of some evil ship captain. But nature’s most chatty bird is much more than just a pirate’s sidekick, for they can make for very endearing, lovable pets.

This parrot looks like he’s enjoying his naptime, and what a cozy bed he has right there. Humans call it a sweater, but it feels like a king-size bed at a five-star hotel for a parrot. He’s in heaven right now!

Stand By Me

The natural world is often described as a ruthless system, a chain of predators and prey that always ends in violence. But these two improbable buddies are showing there’s also lots of love in the wild, even between different species.

This ostrich doesn’t look like he’s all too pleased about his new job: serving as a baby elephant’s improvised bed. But while ostriches and elephants make for a bizarre pair of buddies, there’s no doubt they do care for one another.

Professional Photographer

This quirky squirrel has taken photography as a hobby, but he doesn’t seem to have the endurance to last on the job. On his first photoshoot, he fell asleep on top of the camera and ended up getting snapped by a fellow human photographer.

What’s his fee? A couple of hazelnuts? Is he saving to build himself a new home in the woods? While it’s impressive to see a squirrel taking an interest in photography, it’s still better if wild animals stay off the job market. Competition is fierce enough as it is…

Two Tires For A Tired Horse

Before the invention of automobiles, riding horses was one of humanity’s primary methods of transportation. But now, horses can rest their heads knowing their job is done. And is there a better place to do so than on a pair of old tires?

This baby horse is showing every other animal on the farm what a good day’s rest looks like. Old tires are often useless, but they can also make for a cozy bed. When it comes to taking a nap, springy rubber sure beats the hard floor!

Dog Mechanics

For all their qualities, dogs don’t make for the best mechanics. Even though this puppy looks like he’s working some wires down there, he’s actually taking a nap in a very inconvenient place. Well, inconvenient for the driver, not for him—he looks restful enough!

It’s surely for the best. Dogs are amazing at providing love, company, and support, but they’re not known for their engineering skills. If someone happens to honk the horn, the poor doggo would wake up jumping and might hit his head on the steering wheel. Oh no!

Adorable Motherly Love

Albeit not as popular, farm animals are as lovable as cats and dogs. These two nurturing pigs couldn’t feel more at peace with one another. The baby pig looks like he’s feeling safe while sleeping on his momma’s big, adorable snout.

This picture goes to show that the bond between a mother and her child is built on infinite love, regardless of the species. This cozy piglet looks like he’s ready to sleep for a week, and his mom is so happy she almost seems to be smiling.

Breakfast In Bed

Puppies were gifted with irresistible cuteness, but they’re not perfect. Dogs of all ages tend to have an issue with knowing when to say “enough,” particularly when it comes to food. And sometimes, they even fall asleep while filling up their tummies…

This endearing puppy is going to have a pleasant surprise the minute he gets up. Breakfast in bed is nice enough, but isn’t it better when the bed is breakfast? Judging by the size of that bowl, this little pup still has a lot of growing up to do!

Cats Make For Great Yogis

Cats are not prejudiced when it comes to napping. If they feel like closing their eyes and taking a break, they will do it, regardless of the surroundings. The store is a bright, loud, and busy place, but this kitty doesn’t seem to care.

He decided to practice his yoga moves next to the cookie aisle and ended up falling asleep in the process. Yoga is big on social media, but cute kittens still rule the Internet. When the two are combined, it’s a recipe for viral success!

First Thing In The Morning

Humans look at their mugs and think of hot coffee and tea. Baby chipmunks, on the other hand, see a nice, cozy bed. This little cutie looks like he’s having the nap of his life in there, and it would be a crime to wake him up.

He fits so nicely in that mug that it almost looks like it was custom-made for him. Humans have invented nature’s best bed without knowing it, and they use it for drinking coffee in the morning! This baby chipmunk knows precisely how to make the most of a nice mug.

Planking At The Vet

Planking is an Internet fad that’s most commonly associated with humans, but it has also made its way into the dog world. This puppy doesn’t know how to cope with the fact he’s visiting the vet, so he decided to play dead.

It’s not the best strategy for avoiding an examination, but it does make for a memorable photo. Veterinary clinics are great at keeping pets safe, but they can be scary for first-time visitors. This poor pup cannot wait until he’s back home.

Nature’s Most Sustainable Animal

The sloth is known as nature’s laziest animal. However, that’s an unfair reputation. Sloths are not lazy; they’re just very efficient at saving energy! They’re the planet’s most sustainable species, and they need nothing else but some leaves to chew and some grass to rest their heads on.

Sloths run at a maximum speed (if you can call it that) of 0.168 miles per hour, but they need rest as much as any other animal out there. This sloth looks like he’s dreaming about eating some tasty leaves when he gets up, 10 to 15 hours from now.

All In All, It’s Just Another Purr In the Wall

Cats love to take naps in the weirdest places, that’s for sure. But this Garfield-ish-looking kitten is taking things too far! He’s challenging Newton’s universal law of gravity by resting his head on the corner of the room and using the wall as a pillow.

It turns out that up-and-down, left-and-right are nothing but made-up human concepts, a set of rules cats are entitled not to follow. It’s hard to explain why he chose to sleep there, though, since the carpet looks way cozier than the wall.

A Howling Flower

Flowerpots were made for plants, but this sleepy dog had a different idea in mind. His tired body fits perfectly into these two pots, so he’s not wasting any time before getting his much-deserved rest. Hopefully, he’s not crushing any plants with his saggy skin.

It’s a fact that dogs don’t grow in trees, but is it possible they grow in flowerpots? Either way, this cute pet is surely making its owners happy because they have just found the perfect picture for their next family Christmas card.

The Unifying Factor

Dogs are great for bonding. Nothing gets a household’s level of affection up the same way having a new pup does. And man’s best friend is such a peaceful creature he’s even good at making common household objects come together for the first time!

This lovely doggo is strengthening the bond between the sofa and the table by sleeping on top of the two simultaneously. It makes for an endearing scene, but it’s hard not to stress after spotting the mess he made with his back paws.

Oh, To Sleep Like A Bunny

When it comes to taking a nap, bunnies enjoy the most straightforward approach. They don’t sleep on the laundry rack or the flowerpots; a nice, straight wooden floor is good enough to make for a proper bed. This sleepyhead bunny is one carrot away from being in rabbit paradise.

But more than his napping location, this rabbit impresses at being a heavy sleeper! He looks so relaxed that even an earthquake wouldn’t wake him up at this point. It’s about time we coin a brand-new expression: “to sleep like a bunny.”

These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walkin’

While a cat on a tin roof is an age-old idiom, has anybody ever heard of a cat inside a sandal? Although it is common knowledge that cats can sleep from 16 to 20 hours on average per day, they are actually snoozing for almost three-quarters of the time.

If this cute little kitty is indeed having a snooze, doing so in a warm, comfortable sandal might not be the worst place to nod off in. If this sandal was a car, then it’s safe to say this kitty would be fast asleep at the wheel.

Taking A Fluffy Break

It’s not just humans; dogs have jobs, too, including tasks as noble as guiding the blind and helping the police. They have also been working as sheepdogs for ages, and they’re normally very good at keeping the flock in line.

But when a sheepdog feels lazy, he will not hesitate to rest his head wherever. In this case, a sleepy doggo decided to take a break from his professional duties to make the most of that 100% natural wool. It’s hard to imagine a fluffier bed!

Dogs Are Just Like Toddlers

Dogs and toddlers have lots of similarities. For one, both enjoy having lots of fun outside. But it’s not just that: they also have the habit of wasting so much energy that they end up having to be carried home by whichever adult is in charge.

While it can be annoying to see a dog collapse after 15 minutes of walking outside, it’s all part of the canine charm. Pups get so excited when they’re playing with their owners that they end up getting overwhelmingly tired! This lady doesn’t seem to be happy about it, though.c

A Gamer’s Kitten

This cat owner has a pretty impressive collection of videogames and movies, but his cute kitten doesn’t seem to care about it. He decided that sleeping on top of the DVDs was okay, and no kind-hearted man will ever be ruthless enough to the point of waking him up.

When a new cat arrives at the house, he’s the one setting the rules. This poor cat owner will have no other choice but to delay his gaming time until tomorrow. Today, the kitten has claimed Far Cry 2 all to himself.

Smelling From A Young Age

It’s hard for humans to imagine what being a dog feels like. While humans trust their vision and reason, dogs tend to apply their exquisite sense of smell whenever they can. This pup was just starting to learn about its owner’s scent when he suddenly got tired.

The result? He collapsed right on top of a smelly sneaker, making for one of the cutest snaps ever spotted on the Internet. This is one effective way of getting used to the smell of its owner, though, so it’s actually kind of clever!

The King’s Nap

When the king of the jungle spends his days in the zoo, it’s only natural he gets bored from time to time. Lions are scary when they’re up close, but they can look a lot like cute big cats when they’re catching some sleep.

This lazy lion is enjoying the sun like a real king, and it almost feels like he’s asking to be petted! While lions are currently listed as a “vulnerable” species, the lion population is decreasing and they’re considered to be “critically endangered” in West Africa.

No Bed? No Problem!

Cats are gifted with impressive flexibility, and this sleepy purrer is proving that felines can sleep anywhere, at any time. Household cats have a pretty relaxed schedule, which means they can rest their heads in every corner of the house.

After trying to sleep in lots of weird places, this creative kitten decided to make the most of the space between the table and the kitchen counter. To call it a strange bed would be an understatement, but he seems to be comfortable, so we can’t really judge.

Windshield Dreams

Foxes and humans don’t get to mingle a lot, but there are a few exceptions. From time to time, a shy little fox will come out of the woods to explore the world of men. And when the fox gets tired, any car would look like a decent place to get some rest…

Humans tend to hate it when wildlife messes with their vehicles. But the owners of this particular automobile appeared to be okay about it. They even snapped a picture of the sleeping fox that’s all about enjoying the parked ride.

Surprise At The Sea

Despite its name, the sea lion looks more like the dog of the sea than a vicious, fearless predator. Sea lions like to take a break from swimming to enjoy the occasional nap, and they don’t seem to care if they’re sleeping on the coast or in someone else’s boat!

It’s hard to tell exactly how this sea lion got on a human vessel, but there’s no doubt he’s enjoying his nap. He’s such a deep sleeper he looks like he’s passed out. The sea is full of surprises, but this one tops the chart.

A Day In A Mouser’s Life

Farmers have relied on cats for hundreds of years. They’re in charge of keeping the rodents away from the crop, and they’re normally very good at doing so. But from time to time, a dedicated mouser needs to take a break.

This tired kitty was watching over the vineyards when he decided to stop to enjoy the sun. Without knowing it, he picked up the perfect spot. Like a sentinel, he’s ready to pop out and catch any mouse that dares to enter his territory.

Without A Care In The World

In cartoon movies, foxes are often represented as weaseling and cunning. But in real life, these adventurous animals are nothing but orange-colored wild dogs. They’re highly agile too, and they can find comfort in sleeping in such inaccessible places.

This fox was dreaming of eating chicken while resting at the edge of a ledge. The humans who took this photo were deeply worried about the animal’s well-being, but foxes are all about keeping calm in high-risk situations. This fox couldn’t look any more peaceful up there.

When The Line Is Busy

From Goldilocks to Winnie the Pooh, bears make for ideal fictional characters. But in reality, these majestic creatures are strong enough to do some serious damage. With that in mind, it’s hard not to wonder: who’s going to get this sleepy bear off of the telephone pole?

This bear is just having the time of his life, sleeping on top of something that, to his knowledge, is nothing but a weirdly shaped tree. Hopefully, he got back down safely without getting electrocuted and without scaring any of the locals.

Rubber Cat

Most humans know how important it is to sleep in a proper position. A painful backache or migraine can arise from a horrible night of sleep. Cats have the privilege of sleeping anyway they like, though. It’s as if their bodies are made of rubber and never get sore.

This kitten is about to fall off the couch, but he doesn’t even seem to notice it. His flexible body is extending like an elastic, but he’s not even close to waking up! Not even gravity can get in the way of a cat’s power nap.

What Are You Doing There, Buddy?

Well, that is one sleeping position that really does incite some serious head-scratching—how can someone possibly be comfortable sleeping in such a manner? Although any loving and caring owner would be concerned to find their pet in such a pose, in this case, however, it’s probably best to let sleeping dogs lie.

Maybe this poor fellow had had a hard, tiring day at work and proceeded to doze off in his office chair after he had burnt the candle at both ends? When it comes to workplace etiquette, it’s safe to say this adorable pup is definitely sleeping on the job.

Mind If I Take A Cat Nap?

With an average daily sleeping time of 16 hours, cats are the unofficial champions of hitting the sack like there’s no tomorrow. Having had so much experience in the sleep department, cats really have their dozing-off routine nailed down to a T.

As sleeping positions and locations go, admittedly, this is not the worst of places to nod off and catch up on some much-needed sleep. A comfortable, cushioned armrest to rest your face on and a pillow for your furry behind? This cat’s location of choice for hitting the sack deserves some serious credit.

Mind Sharing, Buddy?

Watermelon on the dining table and two cats looking exhausted? That can only mean it’s a warm, lazy afternoon in town. And what better place to lie down and curse the excruciating heat than inside one of nature’s most delicious and summery fruits?

Too bad there’s only room for one cat inside the watermelon. They can enjoy the cooler temperatures one at a time, assuming the orange cat believes in the idea of sharing things with his friend. As most cat owners know, not all felines do…

It’s Not Rocket Raccoon, But It’s Close Enough…

This sleepy raccoon has so much personality that it seems like he could star in his own sitcom. He also looks a lot like Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, except he makes for a more cosmopolitan, Earthly version of the Marvel Comics character.

In this lovely picture, Mr. Raccoon got caught yawning while wearing trendy pajamas. Pillows were invented for humans, but they seem to fit the heads of sleepyhead raccoons to perfection. Does this mean raccoons are starting to be a more popular pet choice?

The Cat Is Out Of The Bag

It is a popular saying that curiosity killed the cat, but what is curious about this photo is if this little kitty did indeed survive the acrobatics session on the sofa. Funnily enough, this pose is akin to a bag of dirty laundry being tumble-dried in the washer. Talk about going head over heels for a siesta.

It is believed that a cat can have nine lives, and well, it seems like this cat definitely lost one of those nine when it decided to sleep with its neck twisted in that weird 180-degree position. Seriously, it’s high time someone checked this kitty for a running pulse.

He’s Got The Hang Of It

Cats roam the human world in their own special way. This white kitten probably has a comfy bed especially designed for him to take a nap, but he seems to like the laundry rack better. It’s fair to say he got the hang of it!

Dreaming of catching mice and sniffing catnip, he looks like he’s got zero worries about waking up with a sore back. Considering cats have nine lives, it’s no wonder they like to think outside the box. And by the looks of it, they enjoy sleeping outside the box too…

These Shoes Aren’t Made For Walkin’

While a cat on a tin roof is an age-old idiom, has anybody ever heard of a cat inside a sandal? Although it is common knowledge that cats can sleep from 16 to 20 hours on average per day, they are actually snoozing for almost three-quarters of the time.

If this cute little kitty is indeed having a snooze, doing so in a warm, comfortable sandal might not be the worst place to nod off in. If this sandal was a car, then it’s safe to say this kitty would be fast asleep at the wheel.

The Peeping Napper

It’s well-known that cats are curious animals. But how curious? Well, they look like they don’t mind a little discomfort while sleeping if that means they can peep outside the window throughout the night. Cats love always knowing what’s going on.

The fascinating thing about this image is that it’s impossible to know what got this one’s attention. Knowing how curious cats are, though, it could have been anything from a flock of birds to a friendly kitten. Either way, he has dived head-first into it!