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45+ Snapchats That Will Make Anyone Laugh Out Loud

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but one with a great caption is worth more. The founders of Snapchat must be happy that their app has taken over the world by storm. It has so many uses that it’s almost hard to think of life before Snapchat graced our devices.

Despite all the useful snaps, we come across every day, our favorite items tend to be the funny clicks that cross our feed from time to time. Most of the snaps on this list are amusing enough on their own, but the captions make them even more hilarious. What makes things better is how unaware these people are in front of the lens as they go on about their activities, oblivious of the magical content they are creating.

Don’t Squawk At Me

One naughty pelican was used to teasing and testing people’s patience until it met its match. It bit someone’s grandma, and the lady was having none of it. As far as she was concerned, she had lived long enough to warrant some respect from all species of life.

Going by the bird’s demeanor, the lady’s sharp tongue must have gotten through to the poor creature. After this, it will probably be rethinking its life choice from that moment on, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the bird went and got itself a white-collar job to boot.

Love In The Eyes

Dogs love pizza just as much as we do, but this dog takes it to the next level. It seems the hearty meal is the joy of its existence, and it can’t help but feel close to the cheesy goodness whenever it comes around.

This dog’s look is so profound that the owner felt a sense of jealousy and wished someone would look at them with such passion and intimacy. That sounds really nice until we realize anyone starving would look at food like that and consider it’s more of a need than a want. Still, we hope, the pet owner has found their eye-catching dream partner by now.

They See Me Trolling

When the environment is enjoyable, anyone can have a good time no matter how mundane the task. In the long run, this vibe will rub off on the surrounding people, and the next thing that happens is, the fun guy is everyone’s favorite.

The owner of this van gets it, and they deserve the troll of the year award. It’s insanely funny picturing absent-minded drivers pulling up behind this van in the middle of the night and getting a minor panic attack. What a great way to wake people up! No one who sees this will avoid laughing their head off.

Destiny Is In The Name

Most people might not know this, but most surnames were created out of professional necessity. So, for instance, a baker would be known as Mr. Baker, and a tailor would take up Mr. Taylor. It sounds pretty cheesy, but it’s pretty functional and pragmatic.

This young lady would have had an amazing time during the naming era as her names fit the description of a successful lawyer. Hopefully, she took up the challenge and pursued a career in law since fate and destiny have thrown her a bone here. While some of us might have boring names, Sue Yu has a nice ring to it.

Walk Or Swim?

When this dog-dad told his pet they were going out for a walk, he must have forgotten to say there could be swimming involved. Of course, if he did, his pooch could have bought a floating device or something because it appears to be drowning in this photo!

Poor doggy, his owner must not have realized it has fallen in the water, so he continued walking. Someone strolling behind saw this scene and thought it would be hilarious to show it on social media and asked if the owner needed to be told. Hopefully, the person didn’t wait for their followers’ response before informing the dog walker!

Losing Extra Pounds

It’s amazing how people could find humor in ordinary things. As it turns out, even works of art like this statue could elicit some laughs. This person must have considered many funny captions but decided this one’s on the money.

Did everyone get that the caption about losing twenty-five pounds was referring to the missing arms? If a person loses two limbs, they would indeed drop some weight. Although, people would rather eat just vegetables every day to lose a few pounds than to have their arms removed! Even if the reference is somewhat gruesome, it’s still funny!

Gaming Lessons For Real Life

For any parent or older sibling that’s been discouraging the young ones from playing video games, we would like to share a lesson that the player may only find in such a game. Life is full of obstacles, and those who win are those willing to stick it out and figure out how to work through the barriers.

Hard to believe, we know, but hear us out. Getting through from one stage of a video game to the next requires a sharp mind and one that constantly thinks outside the box. Well, the real world demands the same, but with greater wisdom. With such skills, anyone can succeed in life.

Stony Selfie

These days, people have become too self-critical. They see even the little imperfections in their faces, ones that others do not even notice. Being overly critical of one’s appearance has been amplified with the invention of cellphones and that tiny thing called “the front camera.”

One can see their facial blemishes, double chin, and whatnot through the dot-like lenses. Luckily, there’s a better way to approach this, and that’s making fun of oneself. Take this person, for example, whose caption meant to stir up laughter. Self-deprecating may sound horrible, but people who do that are often the ones who are happy and contented with their looks.

Blending In The Background

Since she goes there, we can safely assume this young lady knew what the inside of her school’s bathroom looks like, right? Nevertheless, those wall tiles are probably too unnoticeable she didn’t mind them at all. So, when it’s time to buy a new outfit, she was clueless.

What’s great with this photo and caption is that this girl was brave enough to make fun of herself and her attire. She didn’t cry or hide in the bathroom; instead, she took this picture and pointed out that she matches the restroom’s wall. Better do it first that someone else does. That’s a social media rule.

A Face Moms’ Know Best

It’s probably one of the first words we learned to say as kids. It’s the word we yell out whenever we can’t find something, when we’re not feeling well, and when we have to spill the beans on someone. That’s right, the word we say is, “mom!” and it can usually expand if there’s some attitude involved.

Mothers are such a treasure, and even this statue knows that. Someone took the perfect snap that will probably make waves in the world of memes whenever a mom-worthy opportunity arises. To all moms out there, we’re sorry for the times we make this annoying face!

Snapchat Hath No Fury Like A Friend Scorned

Some people are gifted when it comes to throwing shade that it’s like second nature to them. While some people struggle to string together a few words to formulate an insult that bites, some people don’t even have to open their mouths.

That’s right, and a snap is all they need. The person on the receiving end must have done something to upset whoever took the snap. We applaud them for the witty burn, and it must have taken some effort to find an appropriate bin. Still, we sure hope these people have buried the hatchet.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable

Everyone loves barbecue day. We can almost smell the aroma of marinated beef being grilled over an open flame permeates the room. A decent barbecue is usually enjoyed with friends, a cold drink, and a side of potato salad. It’s a weekend custom, but we have to be honest; it comes with a bit of cruelty.

This poor chicken had to witness the roasting of its bird family that it’s practically a warning of its impending doom. We wonder if the chicken knew what was really going on. If so, it better make right with its maker because it’s living on borrowed time.

Toe-ing Around With Bae

With everyone now getting into a relationship and pals blogging even more about what they are doing at home with their partners, it feels like the lone riders are being hammered even harder by the fact that they’re still single. Worse is when they possibly have zero prospects.

That’s why we don’t blame this guy for strategically making up an imaginary partner to restore his fading ego. After all, being single can drive anyone up the wall, and it’s just too bad we didn’t think of practicing this skill first. Except we’d be smarter about it, making sure we don’t get caught lying on our toes.

The Airy Classmate

There is one thing that runs through the minds of every single student from high school onwards, one that every learner has pledged to do at some point in their life it’s bunking a class. That’s the single thing that is powerful enough to bring students together no matter what.

Kids are becoming very creative with missing a class or skipping school altogether. Some teachers have caught on to some of the tricks, but this one is genius. By dressing a balloon in a sweatshirt and placing the head on his desk, this boy took ditching a class to a whole new level that it’s definitely one for the books.

Look, A Duck-ingo

Spot the animal in the middle, it’s a duck, but it can be called a copycat! It seemed to be trying to blend in by posing like the flamingos around it. Standing on one leg, we’re not sure if it’s convincing the others or itself that it’s making a flamingo move!

We would almost believe that, but as it turns out, water birds like ducks actually make that one-leg move to regulate their body temperature. On the other hand, flamingos stand on one leg to prevent muscles from exhaustion. So, the waterfowl was not copying anyone; it was just at the right place at the right time.

Spills To Spoil The Day

They say that to make sure one’s day will be productive and happy is to start it right. Many suggest that aside from eating a fulfilling breakfast, one has to have a positive mindset as soon as they wake up.

We all have the power to start our day on a positive note, especially with an encouraging doodle attached to our coffee order like this lady over here. The smiley face a barista drew on her plastic cup was enough for her to hope for a good day. Sadly, she placed it on her car’s backseat, and it spilled. So much for a glass full of caffeine hope!

Shampoo Giving Major Feels

A product’s success has a lot to do with proper advertising. Of course, it needs to work as promised on ad campaigns, but customers need to be encouraged to buy first. Then, there’s also branding, which is done by people who design the packages of products.

They need to be appealing, with catchy slogans that remain in users’ minds for a long time. Some are so captivating that they give us the feels, like this person here. It looks like the poor soul has suffered from a heartbreak and thought it would be funny to apply the shampoo’s promise to their emotions.

This Needs A Second Glance

If we were in this dog owner’s shoes, waking up to this view will make us bolt from the bed. So, we can safely assume this person sleeps alone, hence the surprise in finding someone that looks like a hairy man lying on the bed.

That is an unflattering angle, as it makes the doggy’s lower body appear like a man’s. It’s undoubtedly one of the cons of having dogs who like to snuggle and sleep in their owner’s mattress instead of their own. Still, since hounds are pack animals, it’s natural they want to stay close to the one they consider their leader. Pet parents, embrace it!

Ultimate Cat Craze

Although this lady shows an expression of disdain from cats, don’t let that fool those bright minds. She is a cat lover through and through and just wanted to make fun of her fondness for felines by sharing the silly caption.

Out and out cat lovers usually surround themselves with not just the animals but also merchandise that is related to them. Their houses would likely have throw pillows, plates, and artworks that bear photos of the furry creatures. Some even wear clothes with cute kitties as designs, and this cat mama is one of them.

A Clog That’s Not Alarming

We all have had moments where our sinks have been blocked, making us put in the work with the plunger. Still, it doesn’t seem like the plunging device would be of any use to this sink problem that the lady was facing at the time.

After consulting her brother, they came up with the perfect solution by covering the sink! Pretty unorthodox, we understand, but considering that the washbasin is clogged with miniature crocs, it shouldn’t be a problem when doing the dishes. Overall, we love the wordplay, and we might start using this image and phrase and see who gets it!

Scared Of Ghosting

Any guy knows how difficult it is to approach a woman they have a crush on and vice versa. Hearts beat wild, there’s a lot of sweating, and chances are one will forget the lines they rehearsed to ask their intended person out.

We doubt this guy had to deal with the sweating and uncontrollable ventricular contractions as he contemplated confessing his eternal love for her. The good thing is, he can sense that they’re soul mates, and if it was meant to be, then the afterlife should be fun for him! Besides, it’s never too late to find love, and he has a funny bone, so he’s a catch.

Absolutely Accurate

Humans are fascinating beings, and we all know that we can never really know everything about someone. There’s always something new to learn about our significant other, and while that keeps the relationship fresh, there’s a problem if it gets a tad toxic.

We don’t think we have seen a better explanation to human behavior, where most people have layers upon layers that need to be unraveled, like this one. The Russian doll is undoubtedly full of itself, and sadly, so are several people in our midst. Will therapy fix things? Maybe, but it needs proper communication to get past the issues and multiple personalities.

All Work And No Play

With the onset of social media, it has become easy for people to share milestones or photos of themselves having fun on their vacations. Still, people like this guy would do anything to make sure they aren’t left behind after seeing his peers have a good time and chose to try and get some downtime himself.

Here is an unusual case of faking it until making it – as it turns out, this guy isn’t by the poolside where he wishes he could be. Maybe the lad could try to put in some more work and take the vacation he so much craves.

Unexpected Dory Tale

Anyone who has watched Finding Nemo might be moved by this one. The critically acclaimed animation features a lost little fish whose father does everything to try and find him, and the entire flick was full of laughter and emotion, which is why it was a worldwide success.

One might remember the oh so forgetful fish, Dory, who had a movie of her own where she was the one who wandered away. In a sad twist, someone found Dory in a store’s frozen foods section. This is not what we expect to become of our favorite character! By the words of Bruce, the shark, fish are friends, not food!

Dogs Love Science, Too

This guy found the perfect lab partner who won’t be critical or nagging and will respect personal boundaries. Best of all, this companion seems to really enjoy looking at things under the microscope because everything appears so different.

We all know that dogs have heightened senses already, so imagine the sheer excitement of this furry friend seeing things many times bigger under that lens. Maybe this dog helps out with other experiments too? We won’t be surprised if he’s part of a major scientific breakthrough soon. Perhaps he’ll even bag a smart boy award.

No More Novelty

There’s a different kind of excitement that college freshies feel when attending their first few frat parties. Girls will dress to the nines and really impress with well-planned, well-coordinated ensembles. It’s a literal fashion show, and the party is their runway.

Senior girls, however, have been through it all. All those gatherings and events have gotten exhausting, and dressing up becomes more of a chore. So a more comfortable outfit like a shirt and sweatpants becomes the norm. It’s also easier to climb into bed later and go right to sleep. This image is an excellent illustration of the transformations that happen in university life.

Pasta Among Us

We’re sure this one’s an honest mistake or glitch that happened somewhere in the mass production facility. It’s nothing earth-shattering to worry about, but it sure looks meme-worthy, and the caption is just perfect! Kudos to the author for the play of words!

Of course, it’s not going to change the taste of the pasta once this is taken out of the box and cooked, so no big deal here. We can even play a dinner game with it! The first person to successfully find the lone fusilli piece gets an extra slice of peach cobbler for dessert. So now the lost pasta piece won’t feel so bad.

Tragic Reference On Fatherhood

Anyone familiar with the story of The Lion King would understand exactly why this well-meaning but not very well-thought-out ad missed the mark. Still, the message is clear: dads are being encouraged to spend quality time with their kids. No question there.

Unfortunately, when we really think about the story of Mufasa and Simba, we realize this isn’t a perfectly positive connotation after all. Perhaps other fictional characters can take their place in this advert? Maybe a father who actually got to see their offspring grow into an adult would be a good start.

One Cat To Rule Them All

Cats are known to look for those elevated vantage points where they can perch all day and watch everything that’s going on down below. Like esteemed rulers, they keep a close eye on their subjects, making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to do.

This cat must be confident that everything is in order, so it’s ready to take a nap in this highly comfortable spot on top of the medicine cabinet. Where the feline sits, all the worries of the world seem to fade away. No other pets to worry about, just a few hours of uninterrupted “me time.”

That’s About Right

It’s okay to crave five-star restaurants meals, but it is also perfectly fine not to visit such restaurants to have fantastic foods. Besides, most fancy places may not always keep up with the delectable meals they promised and could even ruin the excitement of visiting an expensive one.

We believe that it only takes a great effort to prepare something exquisite and delicious and then a touch of artistry to give it a glamorous appearance. Well, no artistic flair can beat this drizzle of ketchup on a modest meal with matching colors. It’s definitely five-star restaurant material done by a potential culinary expert.

A Bare Picture

This picture looks like one that can go for any indecent request of unclad images since it literally depicts one. A plus side to this is a sweet reminder for a detox, as the juice smoothie captured looks very appealing to the eye.

Although we appreciate the pun behind this Snapchat pic and the health reminder, we can’t help but frown at his drinking, driving, and phone handling. He must have felt that it was a perfect moment to take the adorable picture, but we would advise that he pulls over first the next time he feels like taking bare pictures.

What A Colorful Day

Many of us may have a to-do list, a checklist, or a daily journal to record how we spend our day and the things we were able to achieve. Some may even use this writing exercise to rant about how frustrating the day went or how unproductive they were.

Surprisingly, this person had nothing to write or was probably too tired to express herself in writing, so she went for two words and a highlighter pen. Honestly, we would optimistically interpret this as a summary of an eventful and colorful day as it speaks of the author’s creative mind!

The Tides Really Turned

The next time one is given the tedious task of visiting the supermarket, they can take a page from this guy’s book and turn it into a fun activity. After coming across a roll of Tide bottles arranged in a different direction, he decided to create something witty about it.

As long as he doesn’t spend the whole day trying to make up puns about items in the market, we can describe his trip as an awesome one. So let’s give it a try the next time it’s our turn to buy the groceries and be on guard for puns, not just sales.

Here Is How Monsters Are Created

If we were living in a horror movie, this person has just created a female water monster in an innocent attempt to grab a bottle. This occurrence is definitely how the backstory of a horror film would sound like and how a vicious circle of terror and pain would begin.

Anyone who comes across this image would cringe first before settling to understand what they were looking at. No doubt, it can easily pass as a poster of a thriller flick no matter how many angles we view it from – a clear warning to be careful how we open packs.

The Hands Of Thyme

Thyme is a season, but hey, we can grasp it in our hands for a period. Okay, that’s a bad pun, but it’s worth it. If that’s too much for anyone, at least this guy gets it.

By the thyme this got on the interweb, this thyme master had more than enough thyme in his hands. Maybe the goal was to create a thyme machine and coast through the seasons like a mad scientist, but it seems it’s easier said than done. We hope this fellow achieved their goals, and we’ll get to hear about his adventures next thyme. That’s about enough; we got all spiced up!

Magical Drive

If someone ever doubts the existence of that magical creature that makes rainbows and has a cute little horn on its head, show them this photo. No, we are not talking about rhinos; we are referring to the fascinating unicorns that our baby sisters dreamt of owning one day.

Sadly, this acquaintance was tragic since the driver knocked one down by accident. The spread on the windshield might look great, but the story behind it is disheartening. Don’t cry, guys; we are just messing around; this fellow was driving through a car wash and ended up with this glorious spectrum of colors. No unicorns were harmed taking this image.

Stuck In Between

High school is a brutal experience altogether. Very few people enjoy the phase riddled with hormones and chaos. Still, the graduation photo is the only thing that makes it worthwhile since it signifies the end of the character development era.

This unfortunate ordeal was the pinnacle of her debacles for this lady as the printing press messed up the yearbook image. Aside from lackluster experience, the high school gods didn’t even want her appearing in the class photo for posterity. It must have been hard receiving the yearbook only to see her face squeezed into oblivion. We bet this would end up gathering dust on the shelf.

It Takes A Good Sauce

It’s all about consistency, people. The thicker it is, the better and sweeter it gets. Of course, we’re talking about sauce here. Anyone who’s been in a barbeque understands what we are talking about and would agree that the one thing someone can’t cheapen out on is the condiments.

Having the perfect sauce makes the whole experience worthwhile, and many people will commend the chef for a job well done. Moreover, the scent of high-grade spice is genuinely inviting, preparing people’s appetites to gulp down some chow. So, invest in a good bottle and let us know the results!

An Image To Maintain

A teen’s nightmare is getting added by their parents on social media. These platforms are meant to be a safe haven where someone can explore their mischief without any repercussions. Sadly, once the grown-ups show up at the door, all the fun and games are out of the window.

This guy did the right thing by changing his updates to fit the description of a jolly good boy. Although, come to think of it, maybe he was just a cheerful good boy who needed a little push from mama. Either way, we are hoping he had a burner account for the good stuff.

Seal Lite Version

People who own a dog would know how great they are when it comes to stress boosters. Even their mere presence in the house is more than enough to keep us happy throughout the day. Still, while they do so much to keep us smiling, sometimes they need our attention in return, but we humans tend to remain always busy!

Hats off to this creative dog who knows exactly how to get some attention. Maybe it got bored of being a dog and wanted to try a different avatar. Who knows? Whatever the case is, it gave us a cute picture to gush over!

Low Budget World Cup

Getting a World Cup ticket is as challenging as making our crush to be our girlfriend. True right? Also, not to forget the immense amount of money we shell out at once just for a few hours of the match. Not a big deal for people who love sports and can afford it!

What if someone doesn’t want to be part of the game but still wants people to know that they are enjoying it? This picture is exactly the answer to that! Huge applause to the lady to come up with such a hilarious hack. Now, we can’t dare to say that she hasn’t watched the World Cup!

Pinky Twins

Accept it or not, we all take a significant amount of time to decide the outfit for the next day of our work. After all, who doesn’t want to look fresh and attractive every day? Also, a few compliments from our colleagues indeed work as nourishment to the mind that somehow increases our productivity.

Sometimes, these outfits, which we confidently carry on ourselves, unknowingly find their double, which of course, nobody would want to see. Does anybody think the teacher knows that one of her students found her non-living twin sister? Better not highlight it and just keep it a secret!

Contrasting Couple

When love between a couple has ended, but they are still compelled to hang out together, for whatever reason, we get to see such kind of picture. Has she worn a full black dress because she lost someone, or it’s just an excuse to avoid talking with her boyfriend?

Did the guy dressed in camouflage to make himself invisible to her, or is it the new trend in his town? Whatever their reason would be, it seems like it was more of a silence-themed date from the image. If that’s the case, we wonder who would have paid the bill?

Cute Doggo-saurus

Ever wonder what a mix of Tyrannosaurus and dog would look like? This picture answers it all. Sometimes ordinary things give us some hilariously unexpected images that keep us wondering how it’s even possible! Well, it’s one of the million examples of optical illusions that happen all the time in nature.

Seeing the dog’s innocent face, we are sure he must be confused about why his owner is laughing at him profusely. We wish we could tell him to change his standing posture, but it’s too adorable! So a salute to the person who took the picture at the perfect time; otherwise, we would have missed an epic pic.

Perfect Use Of An Emoticon

Everybody uses emoticons or emojis in their day-to-day, short message interactions on social media. The fact is these symbols help us know exactly how the other person on the other side is feeling as if one was speaking to them in person. Plus, they are always fun to use!

Even so, some people don’t have a clue how to use some of these symbols, and we all know how embarrassing it can get when one uses a misplaced emoji. In this situation, the placement of this emoji was right on the money, and the caption hits the jackpot! It’s both witty and creepy, we must say.

Who’s The Patient Good Boy?

Dogs can be adorable animals and funny at times apart from being protective and, in some situations, comforting to their owner. Some are so intelligent that they will even wake someone up if they see they are sleeping beyond their alarm time. What can’t our furry buddies do?

Wait a minute! This dog is cueing in line, waiting for their treat just as people do at the café. They say that these domesticated dogs are obedient and submissive, but we have to applaud their patience in this situation. It must be a treat that is worth the long time for this very good boy!

The Perfect Name

Ever come across a person and they are a striking image of someone famous or a friend? Of course, everybody has! Sometimes, it is somebody who makes everyone around him laugh, and one cannot help but find amusement in the situation at the expense of this stranger.

The individual in this photo managed to catch this bird, but fate has it that this little fellow had an uncanny resemblance to Bernie Sanders, a two-time presidential aspirant. We wonder what ambitions this bird had in its fleeting life, but it surely seems warmer than the real Bernie!

Is This A Warm Cycle?

What is the one thing somebody should do when they spot a fire in their house? Alert everyone? Close the door to contain it? Why not try to extinguish it? That must be it, right? For this person, it is a no to all of the above.

Instead, they whipped out a phone and captured this exquisite moment! If this photo found itself on the worldwide wide web, then we can all conclude that all was well in the end. Hopefully, the image served as a basis for insurance purposes! Next time deal with the fire first; otherwise, there will be nothing to post online.

Quick Snap, Quicker Flash

Sometimes when people are up and about, they see something worth a quick snap or video with their camera. It could be a street performer, a bird, or a funny situation to show friends or family later. All of these are pretty okay so long as the person being photographed gave their consent.

Then there are these situations that one is recording discretely. Maybe somebody is doing a funny jig oblivious of their surroundings or, in this case, a cute guy is spotted right across the room! Oops, the camera flash is on! Somebody is being left red-faced and not for the good reasons here. Lesson learned!