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45+ Office Pranks To Beat The Monday Blues

Everyday corporate office life can get quite dull, so much that many employees are often left staring at the clock waiting for the workday to end. Interestingly, there are also some folks who don’t mind staying stuck inside the building premises from nine to five, and they’ve even found ways to make things a tad more interesting.

Nowadays, the chances of getting caught in a silly prank or getting an out-of-the-ordinary request have increased, considering folks would do anything for a good laugh to brighten up the day. That’s why we have gathered these hilarious pictures to showcase the highs and lows of office life. So, go ahead and see which ones cause a laugh riot because if there’s one thing everyone can relate to, it’s surviving a mundane day at work.

What’s Inside The Mystery Bag

Bringing a packed lunch to the workplace is an excellent way to save money, but what if someone else had the same idea in mind, only they didn’t want to spend a dime on it? Well, here’s one prank that’ll surely teach these free-loading folks a lesson or two. How? Just hide the meal in plain sight by using an unappealing container!

With this icky bag on display, expect a look of disgust from whoever loves trolling the office fridge for other people’s snacks when they find this stashed inconspicuously with the rest of the packed lunches. We bet our top dollar that no one will ever think about stealing their colleague’s meals ever again!

Just Say Please

When someone new comes into the office, it’s almost tradition to play a harmless practical joke to help break the ice and make them feel comfortable much faster. There are tons of ways to make such pranks a success, but perhaps this one takes the cake as a no-brainer to pull off.

Simply put a sign in the bathroom’s paper tower dispenser, saying it is voice-activated. Anyone who’s been in the company for less than a day would likely believe this ruse! So, when the magic words ‘paper towel please’ are repeatedly heard inside the toilet, then the joke was indeed a hit. Don’t worry, newbie; it could’ve been much worse.

Not So Finger-Lickin’ Good

If there’s one thing that people love in any corporate setting on any given day, it’s food! Now, when someone says it’s free, then that excitement gets taken to a whole new level. So, imagine everyone’s glee upon seeing a sign which said, ‘free chicken strips,’ it was bound to capture some attention.

Unfortunately, it’s always advisable to lower one’s expectations than risk getting disappointed all over again, especially when it pertains to food. The sign really does refer to chicken strips, only they’re not the edible kind. In any case, it’s safe to assume the person who took the paper strip realized early on that he was leaving the premises with an empty stomach.

Closer To Mother Nature

Since most of us spend a considerable chunk of our lives tied to an office desk, it’s easy to see why folks go through great lengths trying to make their workspace easy on the eyes. Usually, it’s a couple of framed family pictures or one’s pet dog, but believe it, or now, some decorate it with a patch of fake grass for reasons unknown.

Truthfully, this revamped table might just be the solution to those who enjoy being closer to nature, whether one’s got a green thumb or a frustrated outdoorsman stuck indoors. Either way, we only hope they can manage to keep their desk clean and work without any keyboard in sight.

The Truth About Onions And Computers

We’ve all seen our fair share of alternative medicine hacks but seeing fresh produce like an onion slice recommended as a hack to fix computer problems is an unusual scenario. The vegetable is a typical remedy for the common cold, yet what happens when someone confidently declares it can do the same for a computer virus?

It’s a dangerous trick that would destroy any hardware the minute someone would insert an onion slice in the drive, as suggested in the poster. Nevertheless, it’s probably in everyone’s interest to take this down and hunt the jokester behind it, or else the entire floor would smell like uncooked onion rings. Yikes!

That’s One Super Meeting

Going on an all-employee meeting or staff call is the last thing on everyone’s minds. No one wants to get stuck in the conference room for hours on end, so seeing these folks all dressed up to battle boredom is quite understandable. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of dressing-up, right?

What’s interesting is how they seem to have taken things to an extreme level – are they wearing superhero costumes to fight villainous project reports and hopefully save the day? Whatever this fearless fivesome was thinking, we’re sure their officemates had a good laugh about it and probably cut the forum short.

Skipping The Bandwagon

Whenever there’s a new show airing, people tend to get giddy with excitement when new episodes are released, especially when it has a terrific premise. ‘Game of Thrones’ was definitely considered the cream of the crop at the height of its popularity, but apparently, not everyone feels the same way about the show.

It’s clear whoever put up this sign wasn’t particularly fond of the fantasy drama themselves as they found the energy to let everyone know at work. He must have gotten tired of listening to all the commotion and wanted to work in peace. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but maybe giving the program a shot might not seem like a bad idea.

A Meow Of A Time

April Fool’s Day is undoubtedly any trickster’s favorite time of the year – it’s a day where one can almost get away with any prank imaginable! Sure enough, one guy thought it would be amusing to prank his office mate by covering his entire workspace with adorable fluffy kitty pictures.

He might have thought that would embarrass the owner, but who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by adorable animals? It would surely brighten anyone’s day and they might even get more work done in the process. Unless whoever’s sitting here was a dog lover instead. Then that’s going to be a bummer on their end for sure!

A Different Kind Of War

Waiting for the end of one’s shift is like waiting for paint to dry – sometimes, it can really test just about anyone’s patience! Not only do we lose focus, but we tend to fidget in our seats and bolt out the minute the clock strikes five. Yet, it’s always better to find something fun to do while counting down the minutes, just like what these guys are doing in the picture.

We’re not sure what this game is called, but it involves sturdy rubber bands and hand-rolled paper balls. It might be better if the opponent is located directly across from one’s table, so once those tiny balls fly out and head towards the enemy, then it’s all-out war!

The “Manger” Approves

The office board is mainly used for posting official information, but it can also be used for other things, such as wishing a coworker a happy birthday. Perhaps management thought that there were more unofficial postings on this board than official ones, and they decided to issue this warning.

Well, it turns out that the joke’s on them. Apparently, only a “manger” can approve of whatever is posted on the board. The office workers noticed this typo, and boy did they give an epic comeback. Thank goodness they don’t need a manager’s approval; so long as there’s a manger in their midst, they can post away.

A Visitor In The Men’s Room

Imagine someone walked into the men’s room at the office and saw this man staring wide-eyed at them, and not just any man – Mr. Bean. He’s looking at them with unblinking eyes and hands like he’s about to grab something, perhaps the man who just walked in.

They’re shocked until they realize that it’s only a life-size cardboard cutout. Then, they begin to wonder who on earth in the office was so bored that they thought to scare the living daylights out of everyone with this prank. Still, since this probably isn’t the first stunt they’ve pulled in this workplace, any worker would just go about his business and leave, albeit laughing to themselves.

Sounds Like A Plan

Whenever there’s an emergency, as much as people repeat the “stay calm” mantra in their heads, there’s usually more tension than calmness in the atmosphere. We know this, and management knows too. That would probably explain why they thought it would be better to post this simple instruction.

This might look funny or unprofessional, but seriously, who cares about an evacuation plan when things go south? All that matters is getting to safety, and the only way to do that is to run. In fact, this strategy works better for people who’ll probably be too shocked to do anything during an emergency. Their brains might not function enough to get their feet moving, but this instruction should do the trick.

A Parking Violation

Many workers decorate their office desks with things that personally appeal to them. It could be flowers, sticky notes, pictures, and so on. Nevertheless, it looks like this man prefers to keep a miniature Mini Cooper on his desk. If we could take a wild guess, we’d say that this car is a form of motivation, that after the day’s work, the next stop is home.

Either he parked his miniature vehicle in the wrong spot, or his co-worker isn’t just a fan of automobiles because this man got himself a parking violation. Yes, someone had the ticket strapped to the windshield. Awww, but if this man has to move his beloved vehicle, how’s he going to stay motivated?

Office Hippos

We all have what we do during office breaks. While some would take a power nap or head out for lunch, others would rather do something hilarious to keep things lively. Hey, what’s a little laugh before we go back to the boring part of our day, right?

So, what did this office worker do? He changed his desktop background to a picture of two hippos. The other animal’s head wasn’t visible, so a colleague thought to lend the hippo his head, at least for a snapshot. It’s funny how the picture looks like the animal’s head juts out of the desktop.

Just Eat It All

Anyone working with a bunch of individuals with different personalities and behaviors should get ready for anything. Some colleagues will make us laugh while others will get mad; then some will just make us sigh in exasperation. The latter must have been the reaction of this lady when a coworker did this.

Their team had gotten pizza, and everyone had taken a slice each. Then, a quick dash to the water dispenser and back led to this – someone had taken a bite out of this lady’s pizza! Instead of eating what was left, she left a note for the naughty coworker and decided to take another slice from the box.

The Solo Washroom User

There are many advantages and disadvantages attached to being the only man in an all-female team. Well, since one of the perks is not sharing the men’s toilet with anyone else, the man can always overlook the drawbacks. It even gets better when the man’s name is Ben – he can simply change the M in Men to B.

Dear Ben definitely took advantage of this perk. Hmmm…we don’t think the women will appreciate this particular benefit. It’s unfair that someone has the toilet all to himself while they have to share with other ladies. If they decide to move the motion to make the washrooms coed, does Ben have enough power to stop it from happening?

Mini-Golf Course

We all love companies and organizations that try as much as possible to make their workers comfortable. That’s why this little room with the golf course layout is definitely a great idea – one that many would love, especially golf course lovers.

Anyone can just swing by and flick a couple of balls in between calls or during lunch breaks. Of course, the office workers will have to keep this place as clean as possible, especially since many people might be going in there. Having a dirty cubicle like that is simply counter productive. Instead of relieving stress, it’s just going to add to their headaches.

The Employee Who Didn’t Grow Up

Although we’re older, we sometimes love to do things that make us feel younger. That’s why we’ll really not judge this office worker for creating his own play pit in his office space. As long as this arrangement helps with the guy’s productivity, no one can say anything against the habit.

In fact, other workers who would want to feel like a child now and then can join this man in his corner and have some fun in his kiddie box – a little reminisce wouldn’t hurt after all. We’re just wondering how the kids will react if they see their parents playing in this ball pool.

Etiquette Check

Whether it be at the workplace or anywhere else, public toilets usually come with many problems. There’s that one person that refuses to flush and thus, leaves behind a pungent smell and a terrible sight for the next cubicle user.

Many office workers must have had an experience like this, which was why management decided to put up this instruction. Everyone who uses the washroom should indicate on that paper with a check. They might have to change that paper often because there will be many inscriptions on that log, but since this helps with accountability and a cleaner toilet, we don’t think anyone’s complaining.

Sticky Desk

At first glance, one might think this is some kid’s art project, but in reality, it was someone’s coworker who did this. It must have taken a whole lot of time to post the notes in such a precise fashion, but in the end, we bet it was all worth it.

The amazing thing about this is that the prankster managed to color coordinate! Although their reasons for pulling such a trick are unknown, they definitely succeeded in making their coworker think twice about their actions. If we were on the receiving end of this, we’d just remove the notes from the seat and get on with work. The whole idea makes for a beautiful environment anyway!

Kindly Keep Off

Anyone who has worked in an office knows that people have their assigned working space, and while some love to work in their coworkers’ area, they do so out of their liking, not for lack of space. This employee, like everyone else, has his spot, and we don’t think it would be wise for anyone to infringe on his place, hence the notice.

The office pup loves to stay in the self-assigned seat, and if one wants to stay safe, they would better not try unseating him. Besides, he too is an employee, so he deserves respect and should enjoy the privilege of owning a ‘working’ area.

Name Tag

We’ve all heard stories of people who, for whatever reason, decide it is pretty okay to indulge in their coworkers’ lunch or snack without any remorse. Yet what they don’t understand is how much work goes into making a meal, from grocery shopping to cooking; all one could expect is to enjoy their lunch in peace while at work.

After a couple of food disappearances, one Debbie decided that enough was enough and took matters into her own hands, literally naming everything that wasn’t hers. We hope the labeling worked, and the folks who consumed her food started bringing their own.

Oh Uh, Not What It Looks Like

This is signage asking everyone to make sure they wash their hands but is it really? Well, someone in this office let their imagination run wild, and to be honest, we didn’t see it at first but now we cannot get it out of our heads.

It seems like the pair of hands is hiding a potato, which raises quite a number of questions; how did the sign pass the management’s eyes? In their defense, though, the worker could be overthinking this innocent post, but they might have to change it altogether so that people won’t get the wrong ideas.

Not More Than Friends

Until we meet the right person, it might take a couple of trips to the friend zone for us, and while it is heartbreaking, some see the humor in it. Take this guy, for example, who had a brilliant response to his coworker who’d recommended that people date the food cans.

Well, we know she meant well, but this person’s witty remark is as humorous as it is self-deprecating. He claims to have been on three dates with cans, but they all see him as a friend. Ouch! Hang in there, mate, maybe someday, a can (or if he’s lucky, a girl!) will agree to the romantic advances.

Don’t Speak To Her Like That

Someone here has found the ideal partner, and someone is out to ruin the parade. There’s no way someone can discredit the excellent coffee maker on this person’s watch. The lady might not be the stunner most people go for, but her personality is noteworthy.

This type of exchange definitely made someone’s day, and it’s always nice working with people who have such a cute sense of humor. Even if the boss has been riding the workplace for a while, these jokes and puns can turn a demotivated worker into a bright-eyed fellow ready to take everything on- yes, even without that cuppa joe!

Marking Cubicle Territory

We don’t know about this man’s colleagues, but we think it is incredible how he marked his territory with simple, easy-to-find materials. The office cubicle is one’s personal space where they spend most of their time working and hence it is essential to feel at home in it.

Yet, this man took it a step further by decorating his space with art paper, cardboard, and plastics to form a fortress. He may be trying to exclude himself from his office mates or just attempting to make his office unit as comfortable as possible. Either way, the entire concept of marking Cubicle-territory is giving us great ideas.

A Flowchart For Ed-wanted Questions

This person must have really disliked being asked repeatedly where ‘Ed’ was and decided to be creative to avoid answering any more questions. With the aid of a simple flowchart that anyone can design in a minute, he was able to direct inquiries on Ed’s whereabouts away from himself.

The first few times, people in the office may have been annoyed by the chart, but they all probably had to adjust to it over time. This office worker can now spend time on important tasks without getting interrupted just because he works next to Ed. Who knew an elementary flowchart could be so efficient?

A Tough Job

These are the kinds of office feuds that make office wars fun. Unfortunately, it seems someone has read one too many motivation books, and they decided to share their motivation with the rest of the team by printing a large copy of Mr. Jobs and sticking it on the wall.

Despite the kind gesture, someone else thinks otherwise and has set a clear notice. Maybe this second chap was afraid that since no apples were lying about, Mr. Jobs might just take a bite of the copier machine. Whatever the case, this is quite ‘punny’ oh wait, we meant funny.

Securing The Milk

There are some excellent advantages to having a fridge on-site such as storage space for lunch, juice, milk, smoothie, and fruits. But it comes with the downside of sharing one’s goodies with colleagues who assume that the fridge’s content, like the fridge itself, is for public use.

So we can’t blame this guy who drilled a hole through the cover of the bottle and used a padlock to protect his milk. He probably noticed that someone had been taking few sips and took measures to secure his lunch properly. We wonder what he would do if someone took the entire bottle instead.

Dare To Touch

The office can be a place of both pleasure and pain, as someone soon found out. While it’s fabulous to be surrounded by people, working alongside them can be a rollercoaster ride. Here’s a simple unwritten rule – do not touch others’ food, beverages, and staples. Unfortunately, that’s the one colleagues ignore more than anything.

An employee who has had enough stuck a note pleading with everyone to leave her reindeer mug alone. That just led to even more people showering her possession with love and attention. They managed to tease her further by posting a picture of them appreciating the beauty of her cup. Since asking politely didn’t cut it, we wonder what measures she took next.

In Search Of The Kitten

In any group, there’s always this one person who’ll make everyone laugh out loud with their antics and responses. Offices are no different with at least a couple of employees who are wired to brighten up the space they are in with their brilliant comebacks. This picture is a classic example.

Sadly, a kitten went missing, and the owner posted a picture of her on the notice board seeking help to find the pet. Then came along the office jester, who dissipated the seriousness of the situation with a hilarious response. Even though everyone must have been worried, the comeback made people laugh and forget for at least a moment.

Inexpensive Yet Highly Effective

It’s a pleasure to come across organizations that prioritize the safety of their employees. In line with the basic security measures a company must adopt, here is one that has gone the extra mile in ensuring its staff can detect earthquakes sooner than later.

Although the device is inexpensive and looks like a children’s toy, it effectively lets people know when the ground starts shaking. Whenever the eyeballs roll around crazily in their sockets, it’s time to put the evacuation plan in motion. What a simple yet clever way to stay ahead of natural disasters. We just hope, no one stays laughing at it since a few seconds could be the crucial difference between life and the afterlife.

Welcome To All Who Come Or Go

Management put up this signboard outside its offices with a message that’s a classic spin on the playwright Oscar Wilde’s famous quote. It’s true of any place, for that matter, but especially for a space that has so many people coming and going through the day, this phrase stands as a testament.

There is always a mix of employees who brighten up the premises with their wit, attitude, and personality and those who bring the morale down with theirs. The staff usually heaves a massive sigh of relief when a co-worker or a client with an unpleasant demeanor leaves, and the quote is a slick reminder to be the one who livens up the office with their presence.

Prehistoric Protest To Avoid Total Extinction

Initially, we were perplexed at this picture of employees dressed in dinosaur suits seated at their desks. It took a moment for us to get the sign of silent revolt, but when we did, our hearts swelled up with pride. There’s no way to ignore the issue that they are highlighting, with such an extreme step.

The workers are unified in their protest against outdated office computers, software, accessories, and even vending machines. If the management still hasn’t got the gist that they are in serious need of upgrading in all areas, it won’t be long before these dinosaurs quit and go elsewhere where their skills are valued. Kudos to whoever came up with the suggestion to go prehistoric.

How Ironic

This workplace wanted to promote healthier relationships between co-workers and create an environment of mutual respect and mindful behavior and conversations. Someone wanted to go the extra mile and create a visual reminder toward this goal, so they posted this sign. Unfortunately, it invited the wrong kind of attention.

We get it: it can be really hard not to respond to such a misspelled sign in a sarcastic way, especially for people who are fluent in the language of irony and subtle retorts. Let’s just reschedule the first day of this respectful office environment for tomorrow because this one was just too good to pass up.

Hold The Fort

The competitive spirit is alive and well in this office. So competitive, in fact, that this unit decided they’d had enough of their rival departments overhearing their plans and stealing their ideas. Their solution: build a makeshift castle as a divider, thus giving them more privacy to accomplish their goals.

Not an entirely bad idea, because how many of us can say we go to work in a fortified castle? One could do so much to go along with this theme, such as medieval lunch breaks with royalty-worthy buffets. Imagine the office Halloween party, too. We can see knights, princes, and princesses taking over the kingdom.

Office To-Dough List

Once again, we have an example here of a workplace trying to be better and create a more respectful environment by promoting respect and fairness. Of course, this is commendable, but there are instances when a little bit of sarcastic humor is an unavoidable response to the situation.

We are left wondering why Jonny would reply this way to Meghan. There must be some kind of back story here to explain why he would snap back at her in this way, even if done somewhat humorously. The advisable thing for Meghan to do now is to stay out of the man’s way and dodge any more of these first-rate burns.

No Fishy Business

This office has a strict policy against fishy activities in the pantry. To be precise, all kinds of fish are not accepted, especially if they require reheating in the microwave. We get it: seafood has a distinctive smell that can easily take over any enclosed space, and it can take a long time to get rid of the odor.

Another thing that can compound the fish problem is the air conditioning. With the AC turned on in the office, the air revolves around the indoor areas and can overwhelm the workplace within a short time. Most people will probably agree with this rule if only to spare everyone else.

Not For The Face

Automatic air fresheners that spray the bathroom, hallway, and other areas around the office are standard fixtures these days. In this workplace, though, it looks like they were positioned a little too low for taller people’s comfort. So one particularly lanky employee decided to speak up and leave this note.

This poor fellow has had enough of the air freshener getting in his face and even entering his mouth. It seems like a pretty simple and no-frills request; also, that constant amount of presumably alcohol or chemical-infused scent cannot be good for anyone’s health—time for management to move quickly and avoid potential trouble here.

Productivity 101

Office hours can sometimes feel to be never-ending. We check the clock apparently after an hour and realize that only 15 minutes have passed by! Days like this usually drain out our productivity, something which seems to have happened with Paul. Boredom has gotten to his head so much that he started taking jibes at himself.

With that said, we are not sure if he is correct at calling himself unproductive. At least he made people giggle with his self-deprecating presentation. We suggest that Paul put a little raisin next to the moon because coming up with such an apt visual display did take some time, effort and productivity.

Attention! Someone Got Pranked

One thing that we love about the office, after the pantry service, is the pranks. Every once in a while, we see someone’s face get red with embarrassment, indicating that the poor chap just fell for a trick. The whole workplace environment gets dull when the prankster is on leave.

Still, nobody likes to be the victim, especially if it calls the attention of the entire building. So over here, we would like to warn the prankster responsible for this to watch his back at all times because there is always someone who can beat us at our own game.

A Thief Is On The Lose

Who would think of stealing at an office? The only things available are some papers, paperclips and the boss’s lame jokes; all of which are boring, nobody wants to steal those. However, a person might change his mind once he sees the office pantry and the fridge because the delicious food won’t let us keep our hands to ourselves.

He must have seen the fridge door open once, and then the rest was history. We understand that it’s hard to walk away from the food when our stomach is growling, but it’s unfair to steal someone else’s lunch. So, let’s set everything aside and clap for the audacity with which the culprit is asking for more variety.

First-Hand Embarrassment

Most of us are willing to go that extra mile with our work only to impress our bosses and get in their good books. Yet, since our bosses are always extra smart, they use tactics to get the employees to work extra hard. Surprisingly, this trick works well too!

However, something else would work even better at getting the employees to put in more effort, and that is the first-hand embarrassment that one can get, as shown in the picture above. A few kind words might make us want to push through a little harder, but in the end, it is a punishment like this that would never let us compromise on our job.

Office Goals

Here’s a picture that just ruined our day; it showed us what an excellent workplace this looks like and how our’s doesn’t even come close to it. Some of us might even type out our resignations only in the hope of finding somewhere like this to work.

We are sure that at offices like this, there would be no such thing as unproductivity because, with fun breaks like this, everyone would be at the top of their game all the time. This might be a cool trick from the management; they provided a fun day off from work at minimal expense and recharged every employee’s morale.

A Philosophical Note

It’s good that the company replaced a malfunctioned printer with a better one, but unfortunately, it is temporary. Certainly, many employees wouldn’t be happy with such a message. Yet, some people adapt to these changes pretty quickly, like this note person.

The great thing is that this individual decided to use such an unusual example to enlighten others about the way of life. We are not sure if people would have understood the message, but the philosophy is clear that nothing is permanent in the world. The sooner we realize it, the easier it will be for us to accept any unseen changes awaiting us in the future.

Not Cool

Let’s accept it; nothing gives us the kind of relief we get from a bathroom break. So, imagine after a long hold, someone deciding to use the restroom to satisfy nature’s call and finding such a lively portrait in front of them. Does anybody think that it would help in making the process any better?

Of course not! Indeed, the prankster who hanged it knew this. A washroom is a very private place, and nobody would want any hindrance in their me-time, even if it’s in the form of a picture. Luckily, one can take the hanging off the wall, and if someone still wants to ruin the others’ moods too, they can hang it back.

Yes, The Font Matters!

We understand that some people love their company very much. Nonetheless, sometimes their dedication goes beyond a limit that they end up correcting everything that could hinder the organization’s reputation, even if it’s as small as pointing out the wrong font used to put a reminder on the door!

We are quite certain that nobody would’ve considered the style of the text in order to follow the instruction. Yet, it’s good that someone bothered to inform everyone that we don’t use Comic Sans while writing a notice. We wonder, if anyone has come up with some rules that tell us the type of font that would go with each kind of message? If not, this guy can take the lead!

Not The Kind Of Donut We Want

Who doesn’t like donuts! Of course, we all do, especially when it’s from ‘Krispy Kreme’ who puts the perfect quantity of sugar in it. So imagine how happy someone would be after they anonymously receive two packages of their favorite sweet treat on their desk. Unfortunately, that was not the kind of emotion that this person might have felt after opening these boxes.

Given the April Fool message on the food packet, surely whosoever that did it was well aware of the person’s likes and dislikes. Of course, vegetables are not a bad option either, but we seriously doubt that its recipient would have even have touched those nicely chopped nutrients.

Trapped Or Untrapped Spider?

Spiders are terrifying creatures to most people, and seeing them around can seriously freak people out. So, let’s thank this person who went the extra mile to trap a nerve-wracking arachnid and alerted everyone with a warning message.

Wait a minute! Why is there a hole in the cup though? Does it mean that the spider escaped? The mere thought of it brings a shiver down our spine. We guess nobody would know until someone is courageous enough to pick up the cup. In such a case, it’s better to not know the answers to these burning questions.